Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Dear Valued Patients,

As always, your health, awareness and well-being are our top priorities. We are taking special measures to further guarantee our already stringent disinfection and sterilization guidelines throughout the current uncertainties surrounding COVID-19.

Our practice has a long-standing policy of disinfecting all areas of our office throughout the day. For the foreseeable future, all door handles, desktops and pens will be disinfected at least hourly and typically after each use. We have removed all of our wonderful reading material in the reception area. Hand sanitizer will be available and encouraged upon entering our office.

On a continuing basis, all clinical areas and treatment rooms are thoroughly disinfected prior to each patient visit. All surfaces are sprayed and wiped with a bactericidal/virucidal solution. Each and every dental instrument and handpiece is sterilized and kept in a sealed container until treatment is initiated. All dental products are single use to prevent cross-contamination.

With the current Coronavirus situation, we have taken extra measures to increase our frequent cleaning in non-essential areas as well. We have also provided additional training to our staff to keep their health and yours safe.

As a reminder, if you have fallen ill, have traveled abroad, or had close contact with someone who traveled abroad within the past 14 days, and are scheduled for an appointment, please let our office know. We will be happy to change your appointment to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. To minimize multiple individual contacts, we are asking our adult patients to respectfully not bring additional people with them to their appointments if possible.

We appreciate your confidence and trust. We are proud to be a small Colorado business that cares deeply for you and our greater community. We will remain open for business throughout all of the upcoming days.

Thank you