Feedback from Local Dentists

How do general dentists feel about Endodontic Associates?  Why do they refer their patients to us?

Endodontic Associates take phenomenal care of all our patients from Southbridge Dentistry!  We have complete trust in all of the doctors there and feel confident when we refer a patient to them that they are in great hands.  Our practice has worked with them for over 20 years and we look forward to working with them for many more years to come.  They utilize the latest technologies in dentistry and the care they provide to patients is top level!

Southbridge Dentistry
Drs. Stephen Barker, Scott Kissinger, Brian Svoboda and Alison Hoover

We have been referring to Endodontic Associates for 13 years.  We know that our patients will receive the highest quality of care and the feedback they give us after their root canal is always great!  We highly recommend them!

Scheich Family Dentistry
Drs. Jeff and Stephanie Scheich

There is quite a stigma attached to root canals but there is no reason to fear when you’re in the hands of Endodontic Associates.  It’s not often people talk about how great of an experience they had getting a root canal. At our office, we hear it all the time.  From their state of the art technology, dedication to patient comfort, and years of experience, we are 100% confident in their exceptional care. We have have had the pleasure of working with Endodontic Associates for over 15 years and will continue to refer our patients knowing their experience will surpass their greatest expectations.

Homestead Dental
Drs. Andrew Schope and Andrew Cote

We have been using Endodontic Associates since we moved to Denver in 2008. Since that time we have referred hundreds (if not thousands) of patients to their two offices and always receive the best.

The best when we call to get a patient in (almost always they will see them that day). The best attitudes from the front desk personnel, the office manager, and most importantly from the doctors themselves. We know that when we send our patients to EA, they will be taken care of just like they would be at our practice. We know it reflects on us who we refer our patients to, so we take it very seriously and only refer to the best. I know if we ever needed a root canal ourselves (hopefully not!), we would be going to see them. From the excellent endodontic work to top notch professionalism, I can’t think of a better practice than that of Endodontic Associates.

Arapahoe Family Dentistry in Centennial, CO
Drs. Phillip and Maria Johnson

I have had the pleasure of referring patients to Endodontic Associates for the past thirteen years. The doctors and team members have an office culture of wonderful customer service and great communication. My patients give me excellent feedback about their root canal treatment. I have also found that the doctors at Endodontic Associates strive to see emergency patients ASAP, often the same day.  They also are able to frequently perform the root canal treatment on the same day as the consultation appointment. These services are very beneficial to the patient for convenience, as well as, relief of pain in a more expedient manner. I wholeheartedly recommend the doctors and team members of Endodontic Associates for a top notch root canal experience!

Kendra L. Patterson, DMD., P.C
Kendra L. Patterson

As a general dentist who doesn’t really enjoy performing endodontic therapy it is so nice to have a great group to refer to like Endodontic Associates.  When my team or I call them we absolutely have no doubt our patients are receiving the best care.  We have so much confidence that they will treat our patients with quality and honest care.  This is the reason that we only work with this team.  My team and I joke that calling Charlie or anyone at Endodontic Associates is like hitting the “Easy Button.”  I’ve sent family members to this group because I know they’re the best.

South Metro Family Dentistry 
Dr. Ian Morse

 I have worked with the doctors at Endodontic Associates for twenty plus years, and I can without hesitation give them my highest recommendation. The entire staff from the initial contact person at the front desk to the professional dental assistants to the wonderful doctors all care very deeply for each and every patient. The doctors are extremely gentle, kind and concerned for the welfare and comfort of the patient. Endodontic Associates is the only specialty group of professionals I refer my patients to for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care relating to dental nerve tissue.

Ridge Gate Dental
John Ahern, D.D.S.

The doctors and staff at Endodontic Associates always take amazing care of our patients.  The doctors take the time to ensure patients fully understand their treatment and treatment options.  I have confidence referring patients to their practice knowing my patients will be seen quickly, will receive exceptional care, and leave feeling great about their experience.

Peak View Dental
Jennifer Sibo, D.D.S.

Winter Park Dental has been referring patients to Endodontic Associates for more than 20 years.  We trust that our patients will consistently receive the highest quality care with a professional and personal touch that they deserve. Thank you Endodontic Associates!

Winter Park Dental

Mark Chua, D.D.S. & Lucinda Young, D.M.D.

For 10 years, I have solely referred my patients to Endodontic Associates.  I know I can count on them to get my patients in right away and they do beautiful work.  My patients report easy scheduling thorough explanations, warm, gentle care and they are always pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole experience can be.  Endodontic Associates are always on call for us, and I have the greatest confidence that my family, friends, and patients will receive the highest level of care and treatment.

Grace & Leedy Dentistry

Leana K. Grace, DDS